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An online community of anonymous personal injury lawyers.

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Before the newsletter goes live, we will verify if you are a plaintiff's lawyer by having you complete a form. If you're a defense lawyer, we'll delete you from our email list and publicly post that you signed up for it.

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Get fast and ruthless feedback on ideas and strategies from personal injury lawyers all over the country.

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The paid tier will have access to an organized Cloud Drive folder that contains forms from personal injury firms all over the country. From Motions to Demand Letters, we'll have you covered.


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The paid membership comes with access to the Anonymous Personal Injury Lawyer Discord. For the uninitiated, Discord is a chat platform that allows the community to come together in one place and exchange ideas and information.All you'll need to sign up is your email address (which is never shared) and a user name that you create.

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We're sending you one email per month. If you want more engagement, join the Discord. This is not a listserv with rapid fire emails and a bunch of "reply alls". Our newsletter is devoted to personal injury news and problems injury lawyers face.

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Anonymous Injury Lawyers is your community. In our community, you will find solutions to problems injury lawyers face. You'll find anonymous peers that want you to succeed. And, you'll find a congregation of battle tested warriors that fight on the right side of the law.

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